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Ultimate toning roll

From the joint venture between the two Swiss companies, Joya Schuhe AG and kybun AG, an innovative product has been developed, the Ultimate Toning Roll by kybun Joya. The latter is a patented, Swiss made fitness machine considered a game changer in the fitness and sports medicine industry.

The UTR is ultimate in every way, from the high-quality materials to the unique design; the percussive massage on which it is based allows you to have a machine easy to use by yourself giving you incredible results in a short time. Whenever you need it, just turn it on and it is ready to be used.

The UTR is based on a percussive therapy: deep and intense pulses pass through the muscle boosting your blood circulation, relaxing your body and reducing pain. Consciously training the fascia makes it more elastic and supple, promotes blood circulation and loosens adhesions. The muscle is better supplied with nutrients, is more efficient and regenerates faster. Our product offers you all the benefits you strive for:

  • body toning
  • relaxing effect
  • reduction of leg swelling and heaviness
  • pain relief
  • muscle warm-up and recovery after workout
  • increasing joint mobility

Signature Exercises

Tone it up

Toning your body is important for your health because it reduces the body fat and weight, which benefits your heart, the joints, and the skeletal system. If you have a toned body, you will have more stamina, increased energy and greater flexibility. To achieve that, we offer you the Burn Fat & Lift Your Booty, a sequence that will allow you to tone your legs and glutes.

Moreover, the percussive massage on which the Ultimate Toning Roll is based, will increase your blood flow and bring more nutrient supply, which will translate in tighter, younger and healthier skin. 

Tighten your skin

Cellulite is caused by the accumulation of toxins and fat deposits pushing through weak connective tissue. Using regularly the Ultimate Toning Roll and following our short sequence Roll Cellulite Away, will help you liquify and smooth away congestion, flush out and boost the lymphatic system, stimulate blood circulation and hydrate the connective tissue; all of which will help reduce the look and feel of cellulite. All it takes is 10 to 15 minutes a day to achieve incredible results. 

Relieve Stress

Using the Ultimate Toning Roll in the evening is ideal for relaxing the body and mind before collapsing into bed. Following our exercise Relieve Stress and Tightness, can help regenerate, hydrate, and smooth out your fascia, and literally roll away excess bulk, tightness and stress accumulated during the day. Just a few minutes per day can make a huge difference for your body and mind.

ultimate toning roll

EUR 5'500.00 (inc. VAT)

  • Color: Gold Metalic
  • Material: Metal, Carbon, Fabric
  • Net Weight: 25kg
  • Dimensions: 98cm x 20cm x 16cm

ULTIMATE toning roll


Why Buy from us 

  • Offering a unique product
  • Designed and manufactured in Switzerland with the most high-quality materials
  • Product delivered to your door with high-quality advice by our experts (included in the price)
  • Excellent after-sales and customer support ensure your product is always perfectly operational over time

The Ultimate Toning is the game changer fitness machine in the Beauty and Wellness industry that offers you all the benefits you strive for! Tone it up, tighten your skin and relieve Stress.


The Ultimate Toning Roll is truly a fantastic tool as it is like having a personal masseur at home ready to be used any time I want.
Marina Colombo, Personal Trainer

Kevin Zbinden, Personal Trainer

Myofascial blockages, adhesions and tensions can be released efficiently and selectively thanks to the Ultimate Toning Roll. For our clients, this tool is very helpful in treating complaints and injuries throughout the musculoskeletal system.
Kevin Zbinden, Personal Trainer


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