Ultimate toning roll

From the joint venture between the two Swiss companies, Joya Schuhe AG and kybun AG, an innovative product has been developed, the Ultimate Toning Roll by kybun Joya. The latter is a patented, Swiss made fitness machine considered a game changer in the fitness and sports medicine industry.

The UTR is ultimate in every way, from the high-quality materials to the unique design; the percussive massage on which it is based allows you to have a machine easy to use by yourself giving you incredible results in a short time. Whenever you need it, just turn it on and it is ready to be used.

The UTR is based on a percussive therapy: deep and intense pulses pass through the muscle boosting your blood circulation, relaxing your body and reducing pain. Consciously training the fascia makes it more elastic and supple, promotes blood circulation and loosens adhesions. The muscle is better supplied with nutrients, is more efficient and regenerates faster. Our product offers you all the benefits you strive for:

  • body toning
  • relaxing effect
  • reduction of leg swelling and heaviness
  • pain relief
  • muscle warm-up and recovery after workout
  • increasing joint mobility